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    I live in NJ. Last night when I went to leave work around 1am (i am a waitress) and start my car my breath registered as a “warn” and allowed me to start my car. I was just going work to home, literally five minutes and less than a mile. After the first test it issued me two rolling retests within the five minutes which both also registered as warns. When I got home I called smart start and they said it was not a violation and would note my account that I called. This morning , 8am, I blew a pass on the first try. However I am terrified that this series of warns will get me in trouble. I am not on probation, my data only gets sent to the DMV I believe. I am over 21 years old. But what do these warns mean? How will they affect me? Should I be worried? I can find very little info on this situation online and am worrying myself sick

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