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    I had my car in February at auto shop for electrical services.
    I believe that they disconnected the battery because I received a download report that read: “CB Power Off”.
    Is this message a violation?
    How would interpret this issue the judge at my Hearing for driver license full reinstatement?
    What could someone (bad) gain by having the battery disconnected?
    I do not get it!

    Mark London

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    It depends on the laws of your state and how your particular device works. In every case that I have seen you just need to provide a receipt for the work and it should never get to a judge.

    Some interlocks require the car battery in order to store data. Others look at disconnecting the battery being part of bypassing the unit. As long as you have a receipt your should be fine – I had a manager at one interlock place tell me to just buy a battery cable and keep the receipt in case I ever had to disconnect the battery on my own for any reason.

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