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    I failed a rolling retest because I blew a .0251 which in Michigan is a viloation. To make a long story short it was the 1st
    time I had any kind of violation. I had used windshield De-icer. Because I did panic and I did’nt give a good sample in time.
    (5 min). Well when I got my notice of violation and copy of the read out showing before and after the violation I noticed
    all my readings had a .0055 everytime I blew. The point I’m trying to make is that I had no way of knowing my IID had
    been calibrated at a plus .0055 until I had a violation notice. If you subtract the .0055 from the .0251 I should not have
    been violated in the 1st place. After I requested and got a copy of the total two month reporting time all 150+ readings
    all had the .0055 added. So I guess just be careful if you have a IID. I admit I got myself into this mess I just don’t need
    any help staying here. In Michigan a .025 or more is a violation unless you can blow a .0249 or less in 5 Min.

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    Bliddy Boh

    What brand and device do you have?

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    In adding to the calibration issue. It would seem that the calibrating itself would in most cases depend on some human input.
    The device I have is the ADS Determinator. I must also add that in most cases the plus reading was at .0054 or .0055.
    I did have one or two readings at a .0060 and one as low as 0040. But in any case for the most part they were at a
    .0055. Also when mine is calibrated its done in a place that is off limits to the customer.

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    Bliddy Boh

    I would switch providers if I were you. May be a bit more money but possibly less headache in the future. Of the providers that MI has I would choose smartstart. I had them and a few other people here on the board have/had them with good results.

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