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      I usually calc my bac but did run into an issue recently with a start-up viol.

      I started drinking at 11pm, stopped after roughly 3 hours.

      Okay did the math. I had 7.5 shots of sailor jerry + a bud light.

      According to math .18 / .015 = 12 hours. I waited about 17 hours

      and was still above .02. I went to start the car at 4pm ( still felt like shit ), got a viol.

      I hate that feeling. Worst feeling ever. Just my advice, 9 out 10, I do this equation and no issue.

      If you feel sick, don’t blow. http://www.rupissed.com/ is a pretty good site.

      Maybe it malfunctioned, not sure yet. It seems others have had similar issues.

      Luckily we actually are allowed a start-up viol (1), (1) missed test per period without locking out

      in Massachusetts. I just don’t want to get 2 viols in a start-up period, it then locks the car out and there

      goes $50. I just can’t believe on this site how people blow again after failing. That is very stupid.

      If you get a warn your BAC could be rising. That’s when they have evidence against you.

      Don’t roll the dice, if you are in a similar situation, need to go to work, get a ride to work.

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      Bliddy Boh

      Why not just get a personal breathalyzer to use before your blow to save yourself the fail?

      Did you make sure to counter in the fact that Sailor Jerry is a higher proof than the standard 40% they use for the calc?

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      wtf peeps

      the approximate reading was .035, so I went over.

      I will probably cave in and buy a portable breathalyzer if I get another viol.

      I did wait 17 hours. I will have to wait at least another 3 hours or so,

      so it just has trace amounts or nothing.


      This site is actually accurate. Some aren’t. If I just added drinks and divided by .015, my bac would have been

      very high. Factoring in height, weight, 20 hours versus 11 1/2. I would have blown a .11, after 11 and a half.

      So going by drink count is stupid. I can see why viol’s are common or start-up lockouts happen frequently.

      People don’t know that.

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