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    About 10-12 years ago I did this in another county in Arkansas to keep a ticket off my record. I had a perfect driving record until I hit a speed trap in kibler AR, on hwy 162. I was not speeding through town, what happened was I was doing 53 in a 55 and passed the 45 mph sign and realized I forgot to slow down when I saw an police car make the turn around the corner by the closed mini mart store. I do not know the exact distance from the 45 mph sign to the 35 mph size but it is real close within seconds of travel time. He said he clocked me at 53 in the 35 and I say it was in between the 45 and 35. I would like to fight this but think I will loose do to a weak defense, so I asked about taking a course to keep my record clean and they said you can only do that once in your life! I was told the last time it was once a year. Which is true for Arkansas and how can I find out for sure, is there someone I can call?

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    Anti DUI laws

    Again…another example of Laws designed to make lives of Good citizen bad ! I don’t understand why these rules ! I absolutely agree that these sudden changes in speed limits are only suited for Police offciers trying to issue tickets ! I am feel for you. SOrry I can not be of any more help!

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    Bliddy Boh

    I would call your local secretary of state office or the DMV might have an idea. I know in ILLinois you can do the traffic course multiple times in a lifetime for small offenses like speeding, or stop sign and such. But I believe you can only do it once a year or every couple years. But every little ticket I have had I was able to do the traffic course to get the court supervision since they never happened in the same year.

    Here is a link to some general info. http://www.dmv.com/ar/arkansas/traffic-tickets

    Hope this helps.
    Good luck

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