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    am new to the site. but am freaking out. I just got my interlock installed Friday and today after a night of drinking and taking a cab : )
    at 2pm today I blew a fail on the SmartStart. The handheld counted down from 60 and asked to blow againg but I just unplugged it and decided I did not want to chance a 2nd violation.

    Does anyone know the AZ laws in terms of how many fails I can have before MVD cracks down. Should I be expecting a letter from the MVD after my first check-in?

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    Bliddy Boh

    The good thing was that it was not a rolling fail. Bad news is that you did not blow a pass afterwards. It looks a lot better if you get a positive and then a pass. Shows that it may be a false positive, just fyi. With your case it was due to drinking so time to face the facts. I do not know if there is a set number of fails but typically the monitoring person looks for signs of dependence. It looks a lot better for you to not have any fails or BAC readings at all. But it also looks bad when you have low level warnings consistently too. My advice would be that if you can not stop drinking then to invest in a personal breathalyzer to use before you attempt to start your car. Start doing the BAC math in your head too.
    AZ’s webpage is a little vague. They seem to defer questions to other people. I would just called the dept of your state that handles these questions.

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    donna delagard

    ONTARIO INTERLOCK HI , count two hours for every beer from the last one you drank before you even try . in ontario depending on what catagory you fall into is what the base your fail mine was o and even cleaners in the veical can set the fail . and lots of tiimes it will not even accept the blow no matter what hope this helps :)

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