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    I understand that people who get shit-faced drunk and get behind the wheel of a car are a threat to themselves and everyone around them. Problem is the BAC for garnering a DWI is so low, that ur essentially fucked either way.

    On April 17th, I had a Steel Reserve and a Four Loko around 11pm. Alcohol makes me hungry, and not planning ahead, I needed food and there wasn’t much to pick from in my fridge. I made some eggs, about 3 or 4 and yet it didn’t really fill me up (Im also on some medicine which causes me to overeat, Ive put on 80lbs in the last 3 years since I started taking the medication. I probably had about 5 alcoholic beverages in my system and I weighed about 240lbs at the time.

    Around 1am, I knew I had to get food, I knew I had enough alcohol in my system to get a DWI, but not enough to drive recklessly and really put the public in harms way (besides no one was driving on the roads at 1am, cept for me and the cop). Really, despite alcohol being in my system, I drove to the best of my ability because I really did not want to get pulled over.

    On my way back from the Jack n the Box which was under 2 miles from my house, I got pulled over. It was that time of night, I was the only car on the road, and so the cop got to mark an easy DWI on his monthly arrests report. Unfortunate for me, this was my 2nd.

    SO I got my pinky caught in the CCJ system. Im a criminal justice major, between working a job and working on the degree, I am 6 credit hours from earning my Criminal Justice degree. Since I’ve had two arrests for DWI, except for the official title of having a 4 year degree, I may as well done nothing for the last 8 years with my life. I got laid off back in September of 2011. I collect unemployment, but there really is no point in applying for work when you either have to lie to your potential employer and not get the job or get fired down the road for lying on your application, or be honest that you do not have a driver’s license and not get the job anyways. I think a lot of the jobs I held in the past I can no longer work since I now have a criminal record and a questionable driving history.

    I hired a really good attorney, he has kept me driving the whole time, and I think he and I know that I want him to make this 2nd DWI charge to be as least invasive as possible. Actually my attorney is House Minority Whip of the legislature of the state that I live in, so he actually pulls more weight than any judge they put me in front of.

    I can’t help but feel these laws are really bad. THe 2nd DWI arrest has caused me to have a bad anger problem that I did not have before. I use to find cops one of life’s inconveniences. Now I hate them like the Nazi’s hated the jew’s, I’ve often told friends and family that I hope the police officer that pulled me over gets killed in the line of duty. I was already on medication for depression and anti-psychotic medication, but this DWI has sent me over the edge.

    I did a bunch of research to see just how bad of a driver I really was. One of the reasons I took it hard was because in years between 17-23 I was in fact a very bad driver, I drove modified cars at unreasonable speeds on public roads and was a danger to everyone, I averaged about 6 pull overs a year in that car. I had been caught trying to street race a car, and got a Careless and Imprudent which carried a relatively small fine and nothing more. I totaled a car street racing once. I eventually left the modified car scene, bought a 128hp miata and quit getting tickets or getting pulled over ever since and would pride myself in my safe driving.

    My brother on the other hand just last winter totaled a car that was 3 weeks old while texting and driving. The cops saw a totaled mess of a car, but the fact that the penalties are so light for that crime, and no one else was affected by it, they told him “sorry about your car, have a nice day” and drove off with nothing more.

    I found someone who did a test and they found that driving was significantly impaired if you were texting and driving or reading an email when compared to driving while drunk under the .08 BAC level. and the levels of impairment while using a cellphone and driving, were not even comparable, the drunk driver who at least had his eyes on the road was a vastly superior driver, than someone who was sober and attempting to send a text.

    Knowing this information worked to my disadvantage in SATOP (I got lvl 3 which is 50 hours of Outpatient) SATOP was such a humiliating experience. For one to complete the program you can have no alcohol. Thats fine Im not dependent on the substance, but just the notion that I can no longer enjoy something I use to enjoy or face a severe penalty from the program caused me to develop an anger problem. I would throw things, yell about what they were putting me through and break things even if they were of significant value. Eventually one SATOP session it came up that the program was causing me severe mental stress. The head of the program must of gotten frightened and said I could no longer attend any SATOP meetings until he met with my parents, since I live with them. Instead we chose to drop the program altogether since I still had to complete a lot of it, and the program could mandate I spend more hours than what the SATOP evaluation said I had to complete, in case I didn’t take well to the program which I wasn’t. I found it very humiliating when they had me write a letter to my parents, apologizing for my drinking. For one, I’ve never wrecked into anyone or anything while driving a car and under the influence of alcohol because for starters, I don’t get shit faced to the point that I would be a danger to society (weaving uncontrollably or driving on the wrong side of the road) as opposed to illegal to drive hence there is nothing to apologize for since I stood a greater chance of getting mauled by a Polar Bear and a Grizzly Bear than causing a fatal wreck between my house and a fast food restaurant.

    I talked with my doctor about getting me some kind of heavy tranquilizer prior to going to SATOP meetings in the future, so I can be there physically but not be attending mentally.

    I still have not gone to court for the matter, Im hoping they do not put an interlock device on my car or a SCRAM bracelet, because for starters, since I lost my job, I can not afford such devices. What really ticks me off, is one night of drinking and driving consumes so much of what little income I do get, If I made $100,000 or more a year, except for time invested, the monetary aspect would seem like a minor inconvenience to me, but since Im Unemployed I have no idea where to get money to afford all this mandated stuff they want me to go through, other than find other, not necessarily legal, methods of obtaining money. DWI had been unusual for me since I had pretty much eliminated drinking and driving since the first DWI (I quit going to parties and drinking, I quit going to bars, and usually if I had alcohol in my system and someone asked me to drive, I always turned them down). If I complain about the shit Im going through, people are just as harsh on me, they try telling me to man up, or I was clearly in the wrong, the cop was clearly in the right, and I have no business to complain what Im going through. Ive lost several friends since the DWI between facebook and real-life, just because I am no longer a pleasant person to be around.

    I really do not know what to do about my situation, it has made my life a living hell to the point that I have hatred for the people in MADD and police officers in general, for what they are putting me through right now. Sometimes I think the mothers of MADD would prefer it if I offed myself as oppose to living in society and requiring a car for transportation, since their laws have made real life such a nightmare that my only relief from it is when I go to sleep at night..

    Also one other thing, that VIP panel that I was forced to sit on in the first one, It felt entirely confrontational to the point that I wanted to prove to the mad mom, that there were several deadly things people could do behind the wheel sober even while not having drunk any alcoholic beverages. When people show a disdain for me because of my crime, I often retort “I hope your kids get killed by a sober driver, just to prove to you that the driver doesn’t have to be drunk to have your family members die in a car accident”

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