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    Justin Whetstone

    I recently got an a it interlock system installed on my car and have had a perfect track record for the past two months. I try to watch what I eat because during my training for the air interlock program I learned that certain foods and drinks such as juice and bread yeast can trigger a fail. The other day I some pizza and apple juice with my youngest son who is 9 months old and when I went out to start my car to go pick up my wife from work, I blue into the interlock unit and got a fail light. I remembered from the training that I should rinse my mouth out after eating foods such as pizza and drinking certain juices I should rinse my mouth. After rinsing my mouth I blew again into the interlock system and it passed and I was then able to start my vehicle and go pick up my wife. When I had to do the repeat test after that again it past and I have not had a problem since then. I live in the state of New Mexico and they have a no tolerance law here and my concern is will this one failed test out of all my successful tests result in further court prosecution? I live in the state of new mexico and they have a no tolerance lot here my concern is will this 1 failed test out of over a 1000 successful test probably result in probation violation and further prosecution’s?

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