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      Shelia at NMA

      Dear Pennsylvania NMA Members,

      Dirty Tricks abound on the Wednesday, May 23, 2018 Pennsylvania Senate Transportation Committee!

      Lawmakers are trying to use a procedural tactic to sneak speed cameras into a vulnerable highway users bill. It seems that HB 1646, will be amended in committee to contain the work zone speed camera provisions the Senate previously approved in SB 172. The Senate passed this speed camera bill before, but the House amended it and it is for now, tabled. Senators are now trying to inject the work zone speed cameras back into an entirely unrelated bill.

      This dirty trick does not appear to comply with the requirements of the Pennsylvania Constitution’s germane clause, which calls for bills only pertaining to one topic. The rest of the bill has nothing to do with speed cameras. This is being done to compel assembly members to vote for work zone speed cameras.

      Please contact your own PA Senator to say you are opposed to speed cameras, and bring up this trick with HB 1646. Contact the full Senate Transportation Committee. The main people on the committee are here and here.Also contact the Senate officers. The main people are herehere, and here.

      Please don’t stand for this and make your voice heard TODAY!

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