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    Dave Kulp

    Each time I drive on the Rt. 222 bypass I’m amazed at how the lawmakers can get away with imposing such ridiculous speed limits upon motorists. Since it is widely known that the safest speed limit on a highway is at the speed the 85th percentile of motorists travel, it is obvious that 45 mph has nothing to do with safety. With properly timed yellow lights there is no safety-oriented reason the speed limit should be set at anything lower than 60 mph. Having driven millions of miles throughout the US and traveling most of my miles in states other than PA I know how regressive and less safe PA’s highway system and laws are.

    Would anyone else like to see more reason to the way PA’s highways are run?

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    If you are speaking of Route-222 in Pennsylvania, I agree with you 100%. Even worse, if you can believe it, is PA I-99, south of State College in Centre County. Even though it is one of the newest interstates, and passes through farm and state prison lands, the speed limit is set at an unsafe and hazardous 55 mph – which no one, even government vehicles, are not abiding by, since it is such an underrated speed limit for this roadway. Another is I-80 in Monroe County, west of Stroudsburg, where the speed limit is unrealistic and should be raised to reflect the current safe speed that motorists, including government vehicles, are traveling at. Hopefully others will contact their representatives and demand that the speed limit on these types of roads be raised so they are safe and reasonable, as well as allowing the flow of traffic to be more consistent.

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