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I have read that having an attorney at the hearing is seen as an admission of guilt, so I didnt get an attorney (couldnt afford one, anyhow.)

Hopefully you have requested your file. That should explain what you need to know. It really sounds like a device problem.

You shouldnt be concerned about the ?false starts; if you turn off your engine, the NC device gives you a small amount of time to re-start it. If you had gone over that period of time, you would not have been able to start your ignition without blowing again.

My hearing was nerve racking. I have been through a lot of turmoil and losses that are un-related to the dui. The entire idea that I could lose my license AGaiN doing Nothing, was very, very disturbing. It stil is, because there is a lot of potential for error without even drinking one drop of alcohol.

But it went ok. I just told the truth, and brought my file in with me. I was also prepared to demonstrate proper use of the device, including pre-swish with water. But I wasn’t asked to demonstrate.

I just keep trying to move forward and stay as positive as possible.