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Just like anything else, there is a margin of error for both the device, and the user, and for the system itself.

When I received a similar letter six months ago, I was also shocked b/c I knew of a few issues, but I also knew I had nothing to drink for a very long time, and that it had to be an error somwhere. It was so demoralizing to think I could lose my lisence b/c of a technical error.

I requested my file, and was shocked to see how many “rolling fails” I had, when I had not had anything to drink, and the machine didn’t give me any warrning upon starting my car. I really sat and studied it. I knew about the times I had eaten in the car and got a rolling .03, then it was down to a .000 5 minutes after swishing with water. All the other ones, I had no idea at all.

So, after realizing I was “blowing numbers” despite no drinking, I decided to stop my life-long habit of eating in the car, and I always keep water in the car just in case of some other weird fluke.

Like you, I have also had times where the device just acted schizo, and had all kinds of weird, nonsensical messages on it. Both times this happened, I immediately had the handset switched out, and filled out an explaination form about it.

Early-on I also had some times where I was about to park and was asked to blow right before. In my logical mind, I thought “I dont have to blow, I am about to stop driving in 30 seconds.” But the machine sees that as a “ignoring” to blow. So, I’ve learned I must blow each and every time it requests, even if it doesnt make sense.

I also am a little hyper, so sometimes I tend to absent-mindedly turn the ignition switch on before the device actual says the words “you may start vehicle now.” As, I had already blown, and I have nothing to drink so I know its going to pass, but I start the ignition prematurely. So, I’ve had to slow myself down on that too, and just move slower.

The bottom line is, it sounds like you have had some device failure plus some user issues, with just trying to get used to the device. I say, get your paperwork in order and get an appointment for the appeal. Tomorrow, call NC DMV and explain, they should be able to rescend the “immediate” suspension until your hearing, which would probably end up being 2-3 months from now.

Good luck.
So, I learned that I must blow each and every time it asks, even if it doesn’t make sense. I