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The following is based on you not drinking any alcohol at all. This is my situation,as well:

It seems pretty clear to me that your husband is eating or drinking something thats causing false positives. HUGE amounts of things can cause false positives, not just mouthwash or hairspray or other obvious things.

The situation is, you cannot eat/drink 15 minutes before blowing, and you must swish with water before you blow.

You probably need to find out the rules about other people driving your car. I am the only person who is ever in my car. I dont even let mechanics blow into it. When I have car work done, I stay with my car the whole time, and I blow into it if/when they need it to start. I have worked too hard on this to be ruined again b/c of what someone else has done (eaten or drank). If you find out that its not allowed, you really should set up a different driving arrangement where you are the only person driving that car. That could be in your favor at the hearing, that you are being pro-active.

With a 3 yr revocation, your rolling test used to have to be under .004. Now, it must be .000. The only way to do that is to be sure you have absolutely NO sugar residue in your mouth when you are driving. DMV koows that the legal limit is .080, and they know that .010 is extremely low, and usually is sugar residue. But they have overwhelming lobbying, and they have to respond to that. Are any of your rolling tests followed by ,000? That would be what you need to show that it was food residue, not drinking, that caused the false positive.