Does anyone know how monitors the interlock companies? They are providing us with equipment that then puts us in jeopardy as far as the “missed tests” “fails” “bac levels” etc. and which when those issues occur, can and have put us in violation and gets us into trouble with the Court etc.. Yet.. i have yet to determine why we get the violations yet the company doesn’t seem to have any obligation to provide us, the paying customer, and the person whose license is in jeopardy, etc., with reports that these devices they send us h ave been “fine tuned”, “calibrated”, I’m not sure what the exact and correct word is for this.. but I’m sure all know what I mean… In addition, i guess its pretty clear the interlock device companies make quite the profit each time they install one, as I don’t know about most companies, but the company I dealt with charged $45 per reset…..! So I basically had no argument each time the device had to be reset..it didn’t matter if it was mouthwash that set it off (whic by the way it was NEVER alcohol tht did!)… I was charged the reset fee and it didn’t matter that their equipment was faulty/over sensitive, etc…