I keep telling every on this site………. Monitech had to sue the DMV and the commissioner just so they could sign a new contract with the state of North Carolina!

This was in the newspaper about 3 weeks ago! Smart Start, a New company is now thier competitor! They Monitech……. were the only game in town since 1991……

The machine should ALERT you if you blow less than 0.02 It should be programmed to say ” Possiible Mouth contaminates Detected, you have 2 minutes to wrinse and provide another sample” If its clean………. it SHOULD NOT GO ON YOUR 60 DAY REPORT!!!!!!!!!!

But NOOOOO… It says “PASS” You dont find out until you go pay Monitech. and if you are a multiple Offender you get a Hearing.. too many hearings like 2 or 3 and your license is suspended for 4 more years!!!!

The FOODS and VARIABLES that can cause a False positive are SOOO MANY things..!!!! The Crux of having any chance with Monitech is to RINSE BEFORE ANY BLOW!!! Why cant MONITECH adjust the machine to this truth????

The machine reminds us of three things The Verbal ones Anyway….. You may not be a safe driver and buckle up… you will be charged if machine is broken… (Mine fell off dash board and I got a verbal reprimand.!!.)

And of course Everyday countdown until the 7th day to make sure you bring them the Money>> Yet SAYS “PASS” if you blow a false positive under 0.02 ???

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE????????????????????????????????????????? GOTCHA!!! AFTER …………THE FACT……….