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I know this is an older post but I wanted to say this is an excellent post. Very well put, and I have an example of this speaking truth. When I first got this machine put on my car I was very nervous about it. I’ve known people that have had problems with them before through my profession. I was so conscientious that I would keep my eye on it just to make sure that I wasn’t going to miss a second before making sure that a rolling test has creeped upon me. Well, one day, it was just a long, long day at work, and I was finally driving home after 14 hours of labor. I had a new cd and decided to put it in. Yes, I do admit, I did make the mistake of turning a song I liked up a little too loud. It was loud enough for me to miss the warning giving to me about a rolling test. I’m close to my house and the next thing I knew, lights were flashing, sirens were wailing, and my horn was going. Well, I was tired, maybe a little overworked, hence the loud music. I was trying to keep myself perky. Well, that definitely perked me up when all that flashing light and random alien sounds just blared from sources unknown. It was enough to make me jump. I went partially off the road and luckily I’m a decent driver so I was able to correct myself and my car before it went too badly. I’m just happy there was noone coming in the oncoming lane because I may have accidently hit that person, or possibly startled that person into making a mistake themselves. I stopped and turned my car off, did my test, and went on home, but it made me realize there’s a volume limit on my cd player now. Exceed and it may cost you money, your car, and or, possibly your life. That wasn’t all though. I realized that day how dangerous this contraption actually was. It was nothing to be taken lightly in any way. I’ve never texted and drove in my life. I’ve rode in a car with people that have, and I had to comment, that just isn’t smart or safe in any way. The only reason I drive using a handheld device now is my government tells me I have to.