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Thank you for the reply.

I went this morning and got my license. The machine appears to be doing fine, car also seems fine (no electrical problems).
I will probably replace the wiring once the machine is removed. I built this car from the ground up and after all that money, and time, it really aggravated me to see the mess they made. I really did figure the things were installed with adapters that simply pluged in, like one would have for an aftermarket stereo. Had I of know what they were going to do, I would have bought an old VW bug or something for the machine to go into and just stored this car until I am off the machine.

I can live with the LJ-1, as long as it doesn’t throw out any false positives. My concerns may not be fully founded, as the fails some reported could very well be alcohol related. You know, people that do still drink some, even if not drinking within hours of using their machine. You never know if the whole truth is being told. I’m being completely honest when I say I do not drink anymore and haven’t for years. So there will be no reason for my machine to fail me. After I saw the guy get a Warn yesterday on the test machine, I do have some concern in the back of my mind. Though he very well may have drank the night before, I don’t know. He said he hadn’t and his wife confirmed it. Still, no actual proof he didn’t. But again, this only happened one time. We both used the test machine quite a few time learning how to work it. He and I both passed all except for that one Warn he got.

I do wish I could see a reading after blowing. I am a 0.00 requirement and if anything showed up (on an LCD screen or something), I would go get a blood test to use as evidence. Maybe I am just worrying over nothing though.