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I had a QuicTest (whether or not that’s the QT-1 model I’m not entirely sure but it sounds like it is if memory serves) and I wasn’t asked if I had any medical condition. I was told that the deciding factor on who gets (or doesn’t get) the LJ vs the QuicTest model is a matter of availability. So it sounds strange you were told that.

As far as the installation goes, my main complaint is that a lot of wiring was packed up against my clutch fluid reservoir which made it really hard (and nerve-wracking) to top off. Also, not sure if the two are related, but shortly after my de-install I had a check engine light for a busted ozone sensor and needed a new starter. I’m no car expert but it was quite the coincidence that I had electrical problems right after the interlock got yanked (and I am not implying any damage was intentional at all).