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the quick test knocked out my guages and i had to wire them around it i have 2 batteries and it sayed low voltage love that when your on I85 and have to do a retest tech told me that its sends a low voltage warning at 10.5 volts
i had 4 new units installed over 3 years but last year very few buggs,if your nice to the monitec techs they will help you more.
i have an older truck and had starting issues some times even changer to high out put alternator,
the lj 1 was difficult to use for 30.00 they will change to new one easer to use,
i got several low fails from food and aftershave had a hearing that went ok
your install looks just like all the rest of them i even had my feet get cought in the wiring with the lj1
but after 3 long years i got my license back Dave