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I got my license back yesterday morning and had a Warn lockout yesterday afternoon. I called Monitech and spoke with a rep. The warn was not due to alcohol detection. It was due to not blowing exactly right and causing errors. She listened to me blow and count while working the button. I got a pass at that time. I feel pretty sure I was doing it exactly right every time, but still got locked out. But being new to it, I can’t completely rule out I wasn’t at fault for the Warn.
Anyway, I did freakout over it and was just about to call the cops and ask them to test me (they are supposed to ‘serve and protect’). I called Monitch first though. Only after speaking with the rep did I learn the Warn had nothing to do with alcohol, so I do feel better. But being locked out simply becuase you don’t get the little dance down just right is not a good idea, even if it is for just a few minutes. The machine should only lockout if it detects alcohol, no matter how many times one must retry to get it right.

I don’t mean to sound so negative here. I am only pointing out the shoddy installation procedures, the possibility I was lied to about getting the more advanced unit (QT-1) and that you can and will get locked out if you do not perform the test perfectly. These are all valid concerns I want to share with other users or anyone that may be about to get one installed. If you have a classic car, new car, whatever, you might not know they will be cutting up your wires. This is something Monitect should make perfectly clear to us clients before they touch our vehicles.