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On April 7th 2012 at 0110, I was pulled over for driving 90mph in a 70mph zone, on I-20 west Bound, just east of Atlanta coming through Morgan County from NC to AL.. the officer was one of Madison City PD.. I was coming home for a family emergency and it was 1 am! I gave him my military ID and my DL, and the cop was a real jerk to me (I don’t remmeber his name, but his badge number 533) and did NOT inform me of the SSL. I called the number on the letter and the woman with whom I spoke with, told me I had to write a letter for an appeal. I’m in Alabama!!!! I do not know the date the letter was sent out and my husband just recieved it Friday in the mail… I can’t call and ask him for the date because he is in the field back on base! I asked the lady at DDS if I should retain an attorney and she said “sure, if you want to.. but I don’t know what good it will do you.” I told her I was out of state and was not informed until the letter was sent to me.. The address on my DL is different from my new mailing address.. I’m glad the DMV of NC did their job and sent it to me at my new address because I would’ve been driving on a suspended license here come August! I seriously want to get in on this suit if one happens.. because if like the others on this forum KNEW about this petty law, I would have NEVER paid it and DROVE BACK TO GEORGIA WITH MY ATTORNEY!!!!! I am BEYOND furious… if a suit IS filed please notify me by email or phone! Thanks so much!


Laurin Stephens
MCB Camp Lejeune
Jacksonville, NC