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I was stopped in March in Taliaferro Co. I was coming from Ala going to SC. I had just had surgery 2 days prior in Ala and was still very sore. I was stopped doing 90 in a 70 according to the officer. I didnt argue or challenge it bc i was sore n could barely move and just wanted to get back to SC and rest. Needless to say the officer did not inform me of this “super speeder” law nor the $200 associated with it. After i pay the ticket my mom calls me from Ala telling me of the notice. I called to the taliaferro probate courts to get info and a number to alk with someone about this and surprise surprise they don’t have any valid info. This state is actually getting away with ripping non residents off. I would like to be added to this lawsuit. ladyjj712@gmail.com