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I was pulled over in Hart Count right before the Hartwell Dam bridge on 4/6/2014 by a state trooper. I was heading home because I live in SC, but was in Hartwell with a guy I’m dating. I was doing 75 in a 55, but when I had passed him, I was doing well under 55, because I was in the process of slowing down because of a car in front of me. I’m a 19 year old girl that has never gotten a ticket or any other violation on my record, it was almost 9, so it was dark and it was a light rain. I quietly told the trooper that I really didn’t need a ticket cause my parents were going to kill me, he didn’t hear this the first time so I had to repeat what I had said. He came back to my car with a ticket and I was crying by then (knowing my parents were going to yell and be VERY mad which they were), he handed me all the stuff to sign and everything. I didn’t really hear what he had told me about calling the court or logging on, I just hear the part about the website. I just logged into the website, and I have a $195 fine, and a court date- in JUNE. I really hope that I don’t get the super speeder fine, but I have no idea what will happen with it, so if anyone knows how I could get out of some of the money, or points or whatever let me know please or anything that would help me out let me know. And did anyone else’s ticket not have anything besides the basic info on it? I find it kinda wrong that a price and points are not put on the ticket to begin with.