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Please count me in for any law suit. I was not even going at 80 mph (cruising at 78) and the Grantsville Cop gave me a ticket with 85mph noted on that (laser). No information was given by the officer except pointing to a website and a phone number on the ticket. Very clean record of 15+ years of driving, and request for a warning instead of a ticket were not accounted for. Reading several discussions in this forum, if I were given a ticket for 84mph then I would not be in the Super Speeder category. Any way to request reducing the speed by that 1mph and avoid paying massive fines? Has anyone succeeded in writing a letter to the Judge and got the fines reduced? I live in MD and can’t go to the court to fight it out (incident happend on 2/4/2014). I still can’t find out on their website what my fines would be. Any help is much appreciated.

PM at tsvvk1@gmail.com if you have any information that can help my case.