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Typical interstate goes 60-75mph. By 80mph it’s faster than the norm. It’s 65mph limits on all the roads I use. This is all in mulitple states over long haul drives. I go with cruise set within 10 miles of the limit (so 73-74mph), and most certainly don’t get run over in two lane roads, even on busier days!! And have to pass some people or slow down to acommodate them.

In a 70 mile zone, you’ve got till about 80mph to avoid a ticket most of the time. Sure it’s easy to wind up higher than you think, and get a ticket. And these tickets are expensive. … but I’m tired of reading excuses that 80mph isn’t fast enough and you’ll get run over. That’s complete hokum!! All of those driving under 80mph & not getting ticketed OR run over, know that for sure…!

I’m not fully buying that it’s about outofstaters getting targeted. Chances are instaters know Georgia tickets are expensive so they mind their speed. It’s out of staters who start crusing and don’t think about or respect that it’s a local road for some people.