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Why did you post this as a reply to my comment to Denise?

Well as long as you did?
It’s not unconstitutional. It’s impractical. Did you ask if that’s the whole fine? Often a few annoying sounding vague questions, gets all sorts of info. What’s on the back of ticket – any hints on this. Did you google first on GA tickets? A short amount of googling turns this up. For “georgia speeding ticket fines” the first link outlines these fees. The 7th links specifically says “super speeder.”

A lawsuit is not going to win – it’s legally set up by going through DMV. A letter writing compaign would work better, to pressure for words on the back of the ticket.

Going through a state you’re not familar with enough to know about their roads, and safety (i.e. why speed limits are set where they are), it’s best not to speed. Locals know about these fees!