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@ Denise

Had I gotten a ticket, I would have googled, and wound up finding out about it before paying. That’s just me.

Pulling over not to tick off the police, is like admitting guilt. It’s weird. People who think they’re innocent and who haven’t received tons of tickets, just drive and hope the police pulling out aren’t coming after them. So you’re pulling over backfires. The police get the same impression from it, that I get.

I’m having a hard time feeling sorry for people going over 90, but the notification process needs improvement. It should be mentioned on the ticket as possible. That doesn’t need a law suit, and there is no legal grounds for a law suit. It needs a good letter writing compaign to Georgia legislature, and media. If it says on the ticket that “DMV separately evaluates” or anything like that, then that will be considered “good enough” already.