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I am replying because I had the same thing happen to me. The difference is that I just recently moved to Georgia and have been living here since 2009 and did not know about this law but just last month I got pulled over and learned about it. My incident was similar to mlippert.

I was on my way back from visiting family in Kentucky which I accustom going every other month. But this one time, just as I was just entering Georgia a black Nissan Titan Truck merged into my lane from the far left lane and all of a sudden slammed his breaks in front of me. “I did not panic but quickly acted and moved to the far left lane to avoid hitting the truck”, if I would have NOT done that I would have crashed. Minutes after moving back to the right lane an officer who was parked at the entry of the highway when the Nissan Truck pulled up into my lane sounded off his sirens and pulled me over. Unlike most officers he did not ask where I was going or if I knew why I was being pulled over. Nevertheless I did ask why he had pulled me over and very sarcastically told me that I was speeding. I denied it and pointed out the truck that was speeding. I even went as far as to ask him if he was visually impaired because anyone could see that the truck who swerved into my lane was the speeder and not me. I know that was inappropriate question but I was so MAD at him and still nervous from almost crashing.

Well, I decided to fight the ticket and took it to court because I felt an injustice act by the officer. To my surprise I lost the fight and not because I did not have proof but because I did not hire an attorney to advice me on accepting a plea. It was a nightmare! I stood in the courtroom all day because they left my hearing for last because the officer was not present; therefore we had to wait for the officer to arrive. I requested a dismissal but was denied because the OFFICER was on duty and would arrive shortly. My civil rights went out the window. Not to mention that prior to the hearing the DA questioned me behind closed doors and advice me to take a plea of reducing my speed to avoiding additional fees which he (DA) did NOT explained were the SUPER SPEEDER fees. I learned about those fees later, when I received the letter from DDS. The worst thing is that I have never had a speeding ticket in my life I hold a perfect driving record and NOW I am being threaten to have my license suspended. I HATE this law and see no benefit of it; it is defiantly not deterrence for speeding if that is what they call it. I have seen so much ABUSE of authority in the state of Georgia that I am going to start a petition to have these preposterous LAWS changed and removed. If you are interested please reply and I will send you a copy of the letter and petition I am preparing. I want to thank you for sharing your experience with us and helpful to me for inspiring me to get this petition going.
Good luck and I hope we can get together and change this law in particular.