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A class action will FAIL. Law says you have to be CONVICTED of over 75 in 2 lane, or over 85 on highway. THAT’s WHY the superspeeder is delayed & mailed AFTER the original ticket is found guilty. It’s a driving license fee (DDS fee), not a court ticket fee. http://www.dds.ga.gov/faqs/index.aspx?faqcategoryid=34

Fee is going to hospital trauma units, in which 63% of patients are crash victims.

In reading through, and glancing through postings in this forum, doesn’t anyone take responsibility?

If a highway is 75, and you’re going over 85 give it up. That’s unnecessarily fast & known that you’re at high risk for police and courts to be unfavorable to you. Set cruise at 82 and you’ll have no problems… and still get there fast. I’ve seen almost no posters say “I was going unusually fast and it was a big mistake.” In and among your justifications for your anger, could you add a little self-awareness that you WERE speeding and it WAS fast enough to be UNREASONABLE. BTW, if you think 85+ is a good cruising speed ROUTINELY, you aren’t a “safe driver.”

I get the anger at the surprise later $200. But the original offense was so eggregious, that it’s hard to keep arguing righteously as though it was natural to be going that fast in spite of POSTED speed signs. Add that if you’d googled, it’s all over the internet when you put in Georgia and speeding ticket. Plus a few calls to the court with a well worded question WILL get you the info needed. “Is this it, any other points, fees?” So a responsible person who researched, would have the data quickly enough to decide whether to fight the ticket. BTW, the police aren’t remotely responsible for knowing and saying what a ticket fee will be.

I get upset when I’ve gotten a ticket and I too vent, even when at fault. But I don’t see anyone here acknowledging that they were way into high speed. And that’s the point of the law. I’ve been almost run down by people crusing at +85, and (with others at +85) it’s not pleasant to have to break or turn off my cruise and sit and wait for them to manever and weave, before I can get going again. So at least in the venting, acknowledge that you were way over what most people drive at — and more than what’s considered safe cruising speed in this country — whether you agree or not that it should be.