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I just wrote a lengthy reply to these posts and it must have timed out. I too got nailed on 95S in Darien GA by Trooper Brant Gaither in May of this year. Yes, I was speeding and I am not contesting nor advocating speeding. I had my cruise control on, but when a medium sized truck came into my lane, to avoid hitting him, I quickly responded by hitting the gas and flew into the “empty” left lane and within an instant behind the bushes were the Troopers. I saw Gaither spin out while turning around to get to me. I quietly waited on the shoulder for him to catch up. I explained the circumstance and all he said was you had the option of slowing down and letting him come in to your lane. REALLY, so the guy behind me could slam into me going 70+ mph and me hitting the truck as well. I paid the fine knowing it would not be cost effective to travel back to GA, stay in a hotel and travel back. Never on the lame automated system entailing the fine amounts did it mention the SS fine. I believe in full disclosure and had I known there would be an extra $200 tacked on to the fine, I would have bit the bullet and shown up in court. There is something very shady about this. We are being fleeced and if you know the rules of the game then you can play the game. WE WERE NEVER TOLD THE RULES WHICH WOULD HAVE ALLOWED US TO MAKE AN INTELLIGENT DECISION AS TO PAY OR CONTEST THE FINE BASED ON THE FACTS. PLEASE ADD ME TO THE CLASS ACTION SUIT OR A PETITION TO FULL DISCLOSURE.