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If I read your story correctly, you were on a 75mph highway and after avoiding the truck, were going over 95mph?

Police usually track a car for a little bit before stopping it, so they avoid stopping someone who speeds up in a tight spot.

Personally a trick I learned years ago in a traffic school — if someone’s following me closely, I slow down a bit. That way if anything happens, I have more wiggle room to fix it. Especially if there’s a truck next to me too. I don’t like turning off cruise (cause then I have to reset it), so I would have already been in the far left lane, just to give myself space and safe room from the car behind and the truck.

Your story if entirely true, would be both a rare exception in several ways… and avoidable if you use my trick. A notice on the ticket form would be reasonable, and worth writing to Atlanta legistature about. A class action suit isn’t going to be won… it doesn’t have legal grounds.