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To Sunshine–The speed limit was 70 mph and although I dispute going 90 mph to avoid the collosion, it was a knee jerk action to speed up and get away from the truck. It was in that split second the troopers were behind the bushes and I know for a fact there was no tracking, due to their location and the immediate acceleration on my part. That is why I pulled over and waited for him knowing he was spinning out of his “hiding place” to nail me. My cruise was set on 78 mph and I am thinking when I hit the gas I did not exceed more than 10 mpg from 78 mph. As I have said, I was speeding when he clocked me, was it 20 mph over, I truly don’t think so, and was I tracked, absolutely not, under these circumstances. In the future, I will use your trick to avoid paying $415 to the state of GA. I would rather double my tithe to my church any day and time and perform community service.

Thanks for your response–Denise email– jaz051060@aol.com