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I have a similar story with many I’ve read on this thread. I was returning from Florida, heading home to Ohio. I was passing thru Darien, and my cruise control was set at 74 (in a 70 zone). When the officer pulled behind me with his lights on, I glanced at my speedometer, which said 74, I glanced at my GPS, which said 74. He said that he clocked me at 85. I NEVER drive 85.

Seeing that I had to appear in MacIntosh county, with an attorney, and could not afford that, I just went ahead and saved up the $180 fine, and sent it in.

A couple of weeks later, received the super speeder fine in the mail.

I refuse to pay them any more money. It really bothers me that I wasn’t speeding (as the officer said). I didn’t do what he claimed. If I WAS guilty, then shame on me, and I’ll pay what I owe. But I was falsely given a citation.

So, I’ve been told that Georgia doesn’t report to Ohio, and if so, I WILL NOT pay this fine.