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PLEASE add me to any class action suit:


Was being tailgated by a large black SUV, my car on cruise set at 80 to keep up with traffic. I accelerate to pass cars to get out of black SUV’s way and I am pulled over for 86 in a 70. I don’t argue with the polite policeman mainly b/c I don’t understand much of his thick accent. I live in Texas and still could not decipher much. Tho, I am CERTAIN he said nothing about the 200.00 bonus fee!! I found out when researching how to handle the ticket (which I’m sure is the information I could not understand…only got “86 in 70…14 days…phone number here…equipment calibrated…”)

I plan to call and explain my story, tho yes i was speeding faster than the posted limit of 70 and would still have been even had I not been trying to get away from tailgator going way too fast. I find the bonus fee absurd given that you are not informed until much later unless you look it up yourself. Especially when my license clearly shows I’m not from Georgia. Thankfully.