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[size=large]Please add me as well as I would relish the opportunity to contribute to this effort.

Jeff Newlin
(843) 822-4405
Resident of Charleston, SC, but have had a GA driver’s license within the past 15 years.

Was never informed by police officer, courts, nor the DDS about this “Super Speeder” nonsense.
— Furthermore, no reasonable attempt to initiate contact with me about this additional punitive measure was ever made, admittedly so by the DDS representative I had the firm displeasure of speaking with yesterday.

Not only was she obtuse and clueless, but she was threatening me that if I did not pay this $200 Super Speeder fine, along with the now accumulated $50 reinstatement fee that she would contact the SC DMV directly and see to it, personally, that my current license was suspended immediately.

Absolutely ridiculous.