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Please add me to the action.
I was pulled at Ashburn GA on I-75 in Feb. I was given an instruction sheet on how to pay. I don’t live there, just passed it on the way to FL.
I did not bother to go court and paid online. On the back of the sheet, it had the “Super Speeder” law saying there was additional $200. — but did not mention who is going to collect the additional $200 SS fee.
So, when I went to online paying the citation in April before the deadline, there were 3 items there:
1. fine for speeding – $199
2. Item related to SuperSpeeder – $200
3. Process fee: – $33

I went ahead without questioning and paid $423.00 and though I took my medicine for the mistake I made.

I was wrong! Yesterday, I got a letter from DDS and was requested to pay another $200 SS fee otherwise my license will be suspended.
I went to online to pull the citation ticket again, there is no itemized information any more. Just showing fine of $399.

I went to DDS office this morning, and was told Ashburn country was not supposed to collect SS fee. I called Ashburn country, and told that the fine was #399 in their county for 85~88mph in 70mph, and there was not other item in the ticket.

Now I regret I did not save the screen of payment before I clicked the payment submit. I should have been to DDS website FAQ described in the DDS letter ,which came more than 2 months after I paid, and refused to pay the second item in my original citation ticket.

What a conspiracy!