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Same story -May 6, 2013 – on my way to Florida. Pulled over in Conyers, GA. – Turner County. First ever speeding ticket – states I was going 85 in a 70 – NO WAY. I looked down at my speedometer when I saw the officer shooting radar on the side of the interstate and I was going 81. I immediately pulled my foot off of the accelerator thus my car was slowing down from 81. Yes, this was speeding but I figured I was okay due to I was in the middle lane and was being passed in the fast lane by a thousand cars! He pulls out and my husband said, “Here he comes and he’s going after that truck that just flew passed us.” WRONG…he pulls in behind me. I pulled over and he claims I was going 85. I told him that I was going 81 according to my speedometer and he says nothing. He takes my license and heads back to his patrol car. A few minutes later he hands me a ticket. I was pissed because he insisted I was going 85. I asked him how much it would be and he just pointed to a phone # on the back of the ticket and told me to call in about 10 days. I did just that and was told I had to pay $282.00. I nearly threw up over the phone. $282.00!!! Like every else, I paid it because it would have cost me alot more to make a trip from Chattanooga, TN. to Conyers, GA. to go to court. Yesterday, I get this SS bill in the mail. I too thought it was a scam. I called the phone # and a lady informed me it was no scam and the money was being used to support the new trauma center at Grady Memorial in Atlanta – nice thought but I doubt VERY SERIOUSLY that it’s being used for that! I’ve been given till September 2013 to pay or my license gets revoked. Is Georgia crazy!
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