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This is a broken record. Exactly the same thing happened, also in Conyers, Ga. Also going 86 on I-95, also never notified until after I had pled guilty; to avoid a trip back 6 hrs. south from SC. I would gladly participate in a class action lawsuit more for the principle then the amount of the fine. I would have seriously considered fighting the speed at which I was clocked ,being only 2 miles into the SS clause. I was never giving this opportunity. How can a person be charged a fine that he didn’t have the chance to contest. The officer had no knowledge of the speeding ticket amount, approx. 1/2 of the amount of the SS fine, and instructed me to call the phone number on the ticket. Not once did the officer mention the SS stipulation or did the recording on the phone either. Shouldn’t this be required? I feel like I was misled and my legal rights were violated. Please contact me if I have some recourse against this legal matter. I’m looking for advice before the strong arm tactics of Georgia can suspend my license. Thanks.