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Last year, my girlfriends mother passed. Because they are a very private family, they agreed to have an open casket viewing for the immediate family only, and for just 45 minutes prior to letting others in.
We live an hour from the funeral home. My girlfriend and her two children (both grown) left in the daughters car with the daughter driving. Turns out they forgot a couple of things, as happens to the best of us, and had to come back almost 20 miles to get them. I met them partway so they would not have to lose too much time. This return trip, of course, had them running late.
My girlfriend was so upset at the thought of missing the last time she would ever see her moms face, told her daughter to hurry. Hearing this, she sped up to nearly 90. They got pulled over in Clayton County, where the highway speed limit reduces to 55mph.
The officer was rude and unrelenting, even when they showed him the funeral notice. He ticketed her, kept her license, and, just like everyone here, she paid the fine assigned by the court.
Months went by and no sign of her license. She decided to just get a new copy of her license as that would be far easier than going through all the hassle of getting them to send back her original. They then told her about the additional fine, and that she has until May 11, 2013 to pay it before more is added on.
She, too, never got a notice. When she mentioned it, they told her it had been returned, but that she would still have to pay regardless.
After some research, I found out that the court is not the one who assigns the extra fine. DDR is.