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I had a similar situation going through Ashuburn, Ga. The officer claimed I was going 89 in 70 MPH limit, but I was doing 80 with my cruise control set on my brand new minivan. The officer claimed that my cruise control, digital AND analog speedometers were not accurate and that the hills (if you can call them that this far south in Georgia) caused fluctuations in the speed. I know there was someone going faster behind me. Just before the officer pulled me over, I had changed lanes to allow the faster, but smaller, car to pass. I believe either his radar picked up that car or he didn’t even use it. He never showed me the radar and I asked he had a picture of my van doing the speed and he said Georgia doesn’t do that but he SAW me. Well, I SAW my speedometer and the faster car. He also made a point of asking me to leave my vehicle next to a busy highway to give me my ticket – no doubt to avoid my husband intervening from the backseat. Now I’m being slapped with a Super Speeder ticket for going over 85 on a highway when I was NOT going that fast. I’m trying to fight it to be reduced to what I WAS doing, but it’s a shame that they are using the highways to produce revenue. I will be writing the Governor and contacting the media about this.