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I found this. Dont know if it is helpful….

(look under TITLE 40 – Motor Vehicles and Traffic Chapter 6)

§ 40-6-9. Challenges to speed limits and other traffic regulations established or enforced by local governing authorities

(a) As used in this Code section, the term “speed limits” shall be construed to refer to and include stop lights, stop signs, slow signs, yield signs, and any and every other light, device, or sign which may be used to impede, slow, stop, or regulate the speed of motor vehicles on the public highways.

(b) Any provisions of this chapter to the contrary notwithstanding, whenever any complaint is made to the Governor that any speed limit established by any county or municipal authority is arbitrary or unreasonable, or upon any complaint being made to the Governor that any speed limit established by the state or by any county or municipal governing authority is being enforced primarily for the collection of revenue rather than for purposes of public safety, the Governor may, in his discretion, direct that an investigation and any necessary studies be commenced by the commissioner of public safety or his delegate who shall make a report thereon together with his recommendations as to whether the state should suspend the authority of the applicable local county or municipal governing authorities to enforce speed limits upon any state and federal highways lying within the jurisdiction of such authorities. Upon receipt of a report accompanied by recommendations that the power to enforce speed limits be restricted, the Governor shall furnish a copy of such report to the local authorities affected thereby, together with notice of hearing on the allegations of the report made by the commissioner of public safety or his delegate. Such hearing may be held at such time and such place as may be determined by the Governor but shall not be held less than ten days after notice to the local governing authorities. Such hearing shall be conducted before a board to be composed of the Governor, the Secretary of State, and an appointee of the Governor who is not the Attorney General who shall be reimbursed for the actual and necessary expenses pertaining to their services on the board but who shall receive no other additional compensation for their services thereon. Upon determination by the board that the speed limits established by the county or municipal governing authorities against whom complaint has been brought are either unreasonable or that speed limits are being primarily enforced for the collection of revenue rather than for purposes of public safety, the Governor shall issue his executive order suspending the power of such local governing authority to enforce speed limits on state or federal highways lying within its jurisdiction or on any particular such highway. In the event that this power is suspended, the Governor shall direct the commissioner of public safety to enforce the speed limits on such highways.


New State Law Gets Tough on Illegal Speeders

(JANUARY 1, 2010) Georgia drivers should mark that date on their calendars and put a sticky note next to their keys.. January 1st, 2010. It’s the day the new state ‘Super Speeder Law’ goes into effect in Georgia. And any high-risk drivers who make a habit of ignoring posted speed limits will be the first to feel the pinch of higher state fines (called fees) on their wallets.

How much higher? The new law titled HB160 tacks-on another two-hundred-dollar state-fee for any driver convicted of speeding at 75-or-more on any two-lane roads.. OR convicted of speeding at 85-and-over anywhere in Georgia. Those new state fees will be in addition to any local fines already in effect in the jurisdiction where the speeding offense occurs.

Who is a SuperSpeeder? Under the provisions of this new Georgia law, any driver convicted of violating HB160 will now be classified by the state as a ‘Super Speeder’ and subject to an additional fee. The new ‘SuperSpeeder Law’ is designed to get tough on high-risk drivers who’ve been endangering other motorists and ignoring warnings to slow down. On average, there’s a speed-related death-a-day in Georgia!

The ‘SuperSpeeder Law’ established the new state fees to help police put the brakes on Georgia’s dangerous and illegal speeders. Failure to pay the ‘SuperSpeeder’ fee results in an additional $50.00 fee and the suspension of the offender’s driving privileges and license. ‘SuperSpeeder’ is a highway safety law designed to save lives on our roads by changing the way illegal speeders drive in Georgia… by slowing them down within legal limits.

And these new fees will save lives another way. Fees collected under the new ‘SuperSpeeder Law’ will be used to help fund Georgia’s trauma care hospital system where approximately sixty-percent of all trauma-care-patients are crash-related. Now for the first time, ‘SuperSpeeders’ will help pay for the hospital beds where their crash-victims are being treated.

Drivers need to remember: There are safety reasons for posted speed limits. Any time motorists drive at illegal speeds they put themselves, their passengers and others at tremendous risk. Crash forces double on impact with every ten mph increase in speed above fifty. Speed reduces the amount of available time needed to avoid a crash. Georgia’s new ‘Super Speeder Law’ and fees go into effect January 1st, 2010.

§ 40-6-1. Observance of chapter required; punishment for violations generally; maximum fines for certain offenses

(a) It is unlawful and, unless otherwise declared in this chapter with respect to particular offenses, it is a misdemeanor for any person to do any act forbidden or fail to perform any act required in this chapter.

(b) Unless a different maximum fine or greater minimum fine is specifically provided in this chapter for a particular violation, the maximum fine which may be imposed as punishment for a first offense of violating any lawful speed limit established by or pursuant to the provisions of Article 9 of this chapter by exceeding a maximum lawful speed limit:

(1) By five miles per hour or less shall be no dollars;

(2) By more than five but not more than ten miles per hour shall not exceed $25.00;

(3) By more than ten but not more than 14 miles per hour shall not exceed $100.00;

(4) By more than 14 but less than 19 miles per hour shall not exceed $125.00;

(5) By 19 or more but less than 24 miles per hour shall not exceed $150.00; or

(6) By 24 or more but less than 34 miles per hour shall not exceed $500.00.

I hope this helps someone. I live in GA and got a ticket the other day. Waiting on the ticket to be added now so I can find out what it will cost me.