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I am very upset this morning to wake and check my mail in the box and receive a super speeder ticket for $200 plus a $50 reinstatement fee. Back in August of 2012, I was going I75 Southbound taking my daughter to college when a cop in a black suv pulls me over and give me a speeding ticket. He told me that I was going 83 in a 70 mile zone. Well after going to court in Crisp Co. (Cordele, Ga.) where i got the ticket, i thought i had taken care of this situation & that all of this was OVER.

Well, this morning I received this notice and called the STate on Conyers and asked about this fee. She told me that the ticket show that i was doing 85 in a 70 mile zone. What the hell!!! but my ticket stated that i was doing 83. Unfortunately since its been about 8 months now, i no longer have the original ticket and no way of proving it, and Crisp Co. tells me that it was 85 miles when I know it wasnt what the officer told me.

I had no idea this was a separate fee. I never received a first notice and the fee has gone up from $200 to $50. Not to mention my insurance will be as soon as the get ahold of this information. THIS IS SO UNFAIR.

I can be reached @ 478 228-0451