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My daughter (college student) got a speeding ticket in Warwick, GA on her way back to college in Albany, GA. I had her go to court to see if the judge would lower the ticket which was $360. She was doing 70 in a 45. She told me the speed limit sign between 65 sign and 45 sign were extremely close and she was slowing down but was still speeding when she hit the 45 sign. Well, the cop pulled her over and said he clocked her at 70 in a 45. The judge did not lower the ticket, so, we paid it $360. At this time, I had no idea her license would be suspended. A letter came stating that the license was suspsended for 6 months, she needs to take a driver improvement course ($75) and pay a $200 reinstatement fee of the license after the suspension period. All of this because she is under 21. If I get another super speeder ticket in the mail after the fact, I’ll probably throw up. I’m seeking legal advice now because of all of this. She’s an off campus student and needs to drive to get to class. I’m hoping that we can get a temporary driver permit to get to class or get the judge to lower the speed on this ticket. I have a feeling i’m getting ready to get shammed out of a lot of money to rectify this and I may not even be able to get it rectified. She may have to ride out the 6 month suspension and at this point, I seriously don’t know what to do in getting her to class.