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I also got a ticket in Laurens County, Ga last year. I was going 90 in a 70. I paid the ticket late therefore it was over $800 which was the first surprise. I moved to Florida 3 months later. I went to register for my Fl driver license and was told I owe the state of Georgia money and had to call them. They wouldn’t issue my new license until this was cleared. I called GA and they told me it was in reference to this same ticket. I told them I paid the $800 and I still had my proof of payment. After going back and forth with the lady she informed me that NO it was a seperate super speeder fee that was supposed to be paid. I asked how in the heck was I supposed to know this when I paid them and nobody mentioned any extra fee. She stated that I should have received a letter from Georgia. She also said that my GA license was about to be suspended. I was and still am furious. I ended up paying another $200 online in addition to the $800 I had already paid. This is definately a rip off.