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I was driving from South Carolina to Florida coming from a company meeting. The officer got behind me I was in the far lane by the median three lanes over to the left the officer came from under the bridge and cross two lanes to get to me almost causing a wreck. So I slow down waited for the lanes to clear to move over to the right to the safety lane to stop. The officer pulled me over I was in McIntosh County, I ask the officer what was I pulled over for he said I was going 85 Mph I informed the officer that my cruise was set, I was on cruise control at 82 mph he informed me that the laser “doesn’t lie”. I was cited at an 85 in a 70 I asked him was he sure I was going 85 because it was three lanes over and they had a truck and a car on side of me. The officer again stated the laser doesn’t lie. So this was on Oct 17, 2012 I paid the ticket on 02/07/2013 because the ticket didn’t get put in the system until January 25, 2013 and then they charge me a late fee. So now on March 6, 2013 they send me a notice of a super speeder that I got to pay 200.00 to the state of Georgia.

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