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Hello everyone,

I too was pulled over in Tift County with the cruise control set at 79 but the officer claimed he clocked me at 87 in a 70 while on my way from Florida (my home state). I asked to see the laser and he told me that I didn’t need to and that he wrote my speed on the ticket and if I had any questions I could call the number on the back of the citation in 10 days to appeal. I couldn’t understand how he could pull me over when there was a van and an expedition in front of me but he told me I was the only vehicle he clocked speeding. Plus he turned around on the over path to come pull me over while driving on i75. To top things off I didn’t have the time to take off and take the fine to court so I paid the original fine which the ticket was issued 12/31/12. Then only to receive the SS in the mail today (2/26/13) that states I have ten days from the date on the notice to appeal which was 2/10/13. How is this legal. That appeal limit date was 2/24/13. This is unfair and unjust!!!!! Please include me on the class action lawsuit.

Buffy Inman