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I was going to NC when the cops pulled me over at Braselton (early October). Mine was a red Lexus ES 350 with a temporary tag. According to my ticket I was going 88 at a 70 zone. I believe I was at 80 (i did see the car from a far. i was going at 80 at the time and slowed down/just coasted at the same speed)and everyone around me was at the same speed. I didnt want to challenge him because according to many people it is not wise, and they dont need to show us the reading. Per the ticket, I called the number on my back, and my fine was $180, and I paid it since I live far from Braselton county and decided not to challenge(paid the fine in October). Then today in mail comes the threating letter(issued on 12/05/2012) stating my license would be suspended if I dont pay the super speeder fine of $200.

I have received a super speeder ticket before, and that was deserved. I speeded to get infront of a slow vehicle. This happened in Alpharetta windward parkway, and the fine was paid at the Crabapple courthouse. But I was informed of the fine right away. My total fine was $480. So this time it feels underhanded. how come they did not make me aware of the total fine when i called?

Is this some trick of State Line counties? So they wait until we pay the fine and thus admitting guilt, to slap on the super speeder fine. What about some disclosure? Had I known this, I would have gone to court. I know they pulled me because of the color of my car and the fact that it was new. car discrimination and now this trickery! I am so aggravated!

If you are going to sue, please include me as well.
Alan Paul