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I would love to participate in a class action suit!! I was driving home to Illinois from Florida and had my cruise control set at 80 in the 70 mph zone and I was travelling at the pace of other traffic when I was pulled over in Tift County. I admitted I was speeding to the officer but was shocked when he reported on my ticket that I was clocked at 91. I argued that both my cruise control as well as my Garmin GPS showed my speed to be 80 but his response was that those devices could be malfunctioning. My ticket is even marked that the traffic was heavy at the time which would make it difficult for anyone to be going 91. I asked the officer how much my fine would be and he claimed he did not know but gave me a phone number and told me to call it in a day or two as my ticket should be processed by then and someone would be able to tell me then what the fine would be. Two days later, after I was home in Illinois, I called the number I was given to find that it was an automated message telling me to go to http://www.tiftcounty.org to see what my fine was…something I did not have to wait 2 days to do!! Once on the website, I was shocked to learn that my fine was $700.00 plus another $200.00 to the State of Georgia for their Super Speeder Fine, but that if my ticket had been written for the 80 mph that I know I was going, it would have only been $245.00! I truly believe these troopers have been trained to look for out of state plates on vehicles that are speeding and then told to write tickets for 90+ MPH so that they can make more money. People like me will pull over and admit guilt (we were speeding) and not know what our fines are until we get home (the officers supposedly don’t know), and they know in most cases we won’t spend the time or money to try and go back down to Georgia to fight the ticket. It is wrong!! I was wrong for going 10 mph over the speed limit, yes, but they are wrong for extorting $655.00 from me that they don’t deserve! Please include me on any law suit!!!

Heather Drake