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Dear M12221& all others on this list,

The exact same thing happened to me. I was caught speeding 19 miles over the speed limit in Turner County over 2 months ago. The police officer that pulled me over was polite and swift. He took my license and did not even ask me for my insurance or registration. He came back with the ticket and when I asked him how much it would be he told me that I had to wait to call in the court house as they would provide that information to me. So the next day I called and they informed me it would be $422. Though I was appauled by this news I new I was guilty and paid the ticket (though I did find the amount unreasonable but non the less I was guilty). Yesterday November 1st I received another ticket in the mail from DDS of Georgia with an extra $200 that I will have to pay if not my license will be suspended.

I re-read my original ticket and NO WHERE does it say that I may be liable for any other fees or penalties from the state of Georgia. It does not mention anything about a “Super Speeder” fee or fine on the ticket (even in the tiny wording). Apparently the law was passed in July 2012. If the officer would have informed me that there would be an extra fee of $200 I would have hired a lawyer to deal with this since the lawyer would only cost me $300. But since I paid the ticket I now have no recourse. I believe they waited until my payment came in for the original ticket to send me the “Super Speeder” fee because they know that if they send them both out it would end up costing them more legal fees with courts and lawyers so I do believe this if very calculated.

I am all for a “Class Action Suit” I just have no idea how to proceed.

I do believe agencies are desperate for money and are trying to collect revenew…by any means neccessary!