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This is ridiculous. I received a ticket I believe March 20, 2012 driving to Miami from Charlotte, NC after a job interview. I was going 87 on I-95 without a car in sight. Perfect day.

I received the ticket, and I started hearing rumors about some sort of super speeder thing in Georgia so I began to google. I then called the Court House to ask about this Super Speeder law and if I was in that classifation and they told me “No I am not a super speeder and if I was, I would’ve been notified already.” So we chuckled on the phone and I paid the $90 ticket.

I then move to Charlotte 2 months later and I receive a letter in the mail from my old residence with this super speeder $200 fine. I have until Nov 1 to pay the ticket or my license get’s suspended. WHAT?! This makes no sense. I was blatantly lied to and wasn’t given a single thing about a “super speeder” at the time of the ticket. Don’t you think this is something that BY LAW you must disclose?

If there’s a class action suit, count me in.